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Growing Up Mexican + Pakistani in America!

Written + Performed by Sofie Khan // Directed + Developed by Jessica Lynn Johnson

Performing Mexistani at Whitefire Theater at Solo Fest

In “MexiStani!” Sofie Khan journeys through storybits about everything from Trader Joe’s tamales to growing up in a Black and Puerto Rican neighborhood, to her Mexican-Pakistani identity triumphs among her Catholic and Muslim family members, TSA agents, politics and gas station cashiers. Does she favor her Mexican side over her Pakistani side? Does she choose to be Catholic or Muslim? If Trump deports her, where does she go? And how do Hip Hop and the LGBT community play a role up in this mix? Expect things to get thought-provoking, emotional and hysterical!

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Praise for Mexistani

“Sofie Khan is super talented, funny and warm!” Gina Yashere, Comedian, Writer & Co-Creator, CBS Bob Hearts Abishola

“Charismatic comic Sofie Khan grew up with a Mexican Catholic mother and a Pakistani Muslim father in a predominantly Black and Puerto Rican Chicago neighborhood. Such a multi-culti stew makes for a deliciously funny and poignant solo show…Tightly directed by solo show dynamo Jessica Lynne Johnson, MexiStani! makes use of projections, audience participation, impersonations, and Sofie even performs a rap song. All of the elements add up to a theatrical and highly entertaining show. So entertaining that the serious themes slipped right by my brain and straight into my heart and had me thinking about them days later.​​​​​​​Terry Holzman, LA Female Playwrights Initiative

MexiStani! is a must see! Sofie was funny and she made audience members cry, including me! She talks about her family, about how easy it is to misjudge people, about how love and laughter can conquer differences, and about LGBTQIA issues. She touched on issues that everyone, I mean EVERYONE in the audience could relate to. There were people of all races and all ages, nodding, laughing out loud, wiping tears, or chuckling at something that Sofie was telling. She brought people together and at the end she delivered a powerful message that was unexpected. See this show and bring your family with you!Enci Box, Better Lemons

Behold our recommendation for Top of the Fringe!  Sofie Khan delivers one of the best performances we have ever seen at the Fringe.  She is a fireball of energy as she commanded the stage, bringing to life each and every character that has shaped her journey.  The show was everything you want in a Fringe show – great story, amazing acting and memorable characters – with just the right amount of political commentary.  We laughed until our sides hurt, while also learning about some of the hazards of being gay in today’s volatile world.  We salute Khan for speaking out and for delivering such an impressive performance.  By the end of the show, we felt like we had been best friends since childhood.  We are so fortunate we got to see this amazing closing performance.Bob Leggett, Indie Voice Blog


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